Planning Committee

Planning for the 50th Anniversary of MLML in 2016 is underway.

The Planning Committee is composed of the following present and former MLML students and faculty members:


Mike Foster

Mike standing at “Martin’s Point of View” at MLML.


Greg Cailliet

Greg at Helm Oct09 P1010104
Greg at the helm


Andrew DeVogelaere

Andrew in Slough 1985 - Version 2
Andrew driving a MLML Whaler In Elkhorn Slough, 1985


Mary Yoklavich

mary at sea_better contrast
Mary at sea on a NOAA vessel, circa 1979



Erica Burton

Erica celebrating the 50 years of MLML.


Mark Silberstein

Mark Silberstein head shot 2
Mark smiles as he thinks about mud and worms.


Heather Kramp

Heather with her friend, Sebastolobus


Mike Prince

Prince on MLML vessel
Mike at the helm of the R/V Cayuse in 1984


Kenneth Coale

Kenneth Coale
Kenneth pondering all things chemical overlooking Monterey Bay from the hill


Jim Harvey

Jim at sea
Jim at sea on the RHIB




2 thoughts on “Planning Committee”

  1. Judy: It would be great if you could contribute a blog about the past. Just send me a draft (with pictures hopefully) and we will do a little edit and post. A perspective from your time here would be excellent.

    I hope you are doing well.

    Cheers, Jim

  2. If you folks would like some ‘vintage input’ from the 1967-72 range, I would be happy to give a hand. I am still a local; N side of the Bay. I incorporated the original Friends of MLML during those years if you need me to dig up any info on the early bits & pieces.

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