50th Anniversary of MLML


photo of Lab and ML harbor mid 1960
Beaudette Foundation Building in background  and Moss Landing harbor mid 1960s

In 2016, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (established in 1966) will be celebrating 50 years of education, research, and community service. More than 600  students have received their Masters of Science from this institution, and many undergraduates have  completed marine science courses here. We hope you will explore these webpages as we document and celebrate the successes and colorful past of MLML.

New Main Building for Moss landing Marine Laboratories with Salinas River in foreground and Salinas Valley in background.

2 thoughts on “50th Anniversary of MLML”

  1. Attended MLML 1966,67,68 & 69. Classes from Dr. Harville, Dr. Nybakken, Dr. Arnal, Dr. Moorejohn, & Dr Stump. Did research for PG&E, Kaiser Refractories and the U.S. Fish & Game. Studied longshore currents using drogues, rodamine-B dye, and fresh water filled balloons as well as well as aqua culture raising abalone at the laboratory on Cannery Row in Monterey. Lost a brand new corer in Monterey Bay, underestimating the length of the cable in relationship to the depth. Still don’t know who didn’t attach the cable to the reel! However, I am sure we got an incredible core sample!

  2. Credit Steve Pace for the Stillwater Cove picture of me; he had me hold my breath so no bubbles.
    Hope to see you all in August.

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