MLML 50th Celebration – Part II

By Jim Harvey (2 September 2016)

We are starting to get some of the pictures from the MLML 50th Anniversary celebration, so for the next few blogs I am just going to post pictures from the weekend. All the following photos were taken by David Schmitz. Please comment as needed. I will try and identify people but I will need help.



On Friday afternoon (5 August 2016) we had a VIP Reception, a few photos from that event.

L to R: Congressman Sam Farr, President of SJSU Mary Papazian, Assemblyman Mark Stone


L to R: Andy Feinstein (SJSU Provost), Tom Connolly (MLML faculty), Colleen Durkin (MLML Research Faculty), MJ Donohue (SJSU University Advancement). Seated L to R: Mrs. Calcagno, Lou Calcagno (former Monterey Supervisor), Jim Harvey. Justoff the photo to right Dave Garrison (NSF).


L to R: Paul Koch (Dean at UCSC), Ivano Aiello (MLML faculty), Michael Lee (CSU East Bay Faculty), Polly Legendre (Seafood expert, and Ned Lyke (former Faculty at CSU Hayward).


John Laird (CA Secretary of Natural Resources)


Then on Saturday morning, the MLML clan began to assemble. For most the day people reminisced, caught up, and toured the lab.

The entry way started to fill up by 1100.


Roger Ogren greets Brooke Antrim, with Monica Ferris on the right.


Marty Stephensen


And they posed for pictures

L to R: Tom Keickhefer, Kirsten Carlson, Ronnie Estelle, Sal Cerchio, Keiko Sekiguchi, and Tom Norris in background.


L to R: Mickey Singer, Carol Greene , Keiko Sekiguchi,  Jo Guerrero, John Hunt. I need help identifying everyone else


All of the labs were photographed although some people missed their allotted time and did not make the lab photo. I have added many lab shots here, but did not list all the people. So if someone wants to make a go of listing all the people in your lab’s photo, I will amend this blog.

Physical Oceanography. Top L to R: Drew Burrier, Stephanie Flora, Rod McGinis, Steve Lasley, Susan Chinburg, Patrick Daniel. Bottom L to R: Ryan Manzer, Tom Connolly, Jason Adelaars, Kathleen Donahue.


Benthic or Invertebrate Lab


mlml-50th-anniversary-dschmitz-080616-327_mixed group
Trailer Trash Years. Maybe this is the group of students that had already started drinking beer.


Invertebrate Lab ?


Phycology Lab


mlml-50th-anniversary-dschmitz-080616-290_Bird and Mammal
Birds and Mammals (and turtles) Lab


Ichthyology Lab


mlml-50th-anniversary-dschmitz-080616-335_Oliver with Benthic
John Oliver in front of the Benthic Lab


More to come in future blogs, including the Geological, Chemical , and Biological Oceanography labs and pictures of folks from the BBQ and dance. Please send us any pictures you want to share with us.

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  1. What a fabulous gathering, and the “mixed “(up) group is of course the Salinas “trailer trash” years.

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